At Music Link Centre in Carlingford, NSW, we provide our customer an extensive range of keyboard. Our product includes upright digital pianos, portable digital pianos, electronic keyboards, and thumb pianos or kalimbas. We also provide all kinds of keyboard accessories such as Pedals & Footswitches, adapter, stool and so on. You can purchase keyboard without any hesitation because we deal with best Piano brands.

Drum and Percussion

We also provide all kinds of drums like electric drums, Acoustic drums, bongo drums, drum accessories, tongue drums, etc. Our extensive range of percussions includes Cajons, Djembes, Bongos and Congas, Stomp Boxes, and Mounted Percussion. So, you can choose an instrument as per your requirement. We provide our customers the topmost brands of instruments at the best market price.


Guitars are one of the most widely used musical instruments used by people of all age group. If you are looking for premium quality guitar at the best price and at the earliest, contact us. We offer all kinds of guitars including Acoustic Guitars, electric guitar, pickups, guitar accessories, wireless guitar system. You can not only choose top quality instrument but also opt for classes.

String Instruments

Music Link Centre is Australia's largest online music store where we provide all kinds of string instruments such as Ukuleles, Violins, Banjos, Mandolins, Lyre Harps, as well as all kinds of accessories of string instruments. You can choose premium quality musical instrument as per your requirement and budget as we offer all top brands of string instruments and some exciting offers.

Woodwind Instruments

If you have interest in woodwind instrument, then we have ample amount of option for you. From Flutes and Piccolos and Clarinets to saxophones, oboes & bassoons, you will everything here at the best price. These instruments have a lot of demand among the professionals. From beginners to the experienced artist, anyone can purchase them online from us.

Audio Technology Products

Music Link Centre also provides the best quality audio technology to the singers, musicians and musical institutes across NSW. These things consist of headphones, microphones, and amplifiers accessories, cables, adaptors, computer audio system, software, and so on. These items provide support to the musical instrument that we offer to our customers. All these products come with warranty period, so you do not face any problem.

DJ Equipment

DJs from various parts of New South Wales like Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Tamworth and many other places, order DJ equipment from us. These products include Turntables, Cartridges, DJ Mixer, Slipmats, recorder and so on. Whether you have started your career or an experienced DJ, you will get the right products at the correct price. We are a reliable name among the top DJs in this region.

Sound Reinforcement System

In this particular category, we offer high-quality microphones, simplifiers, loudspeakers, and other similar types of products. We have an extensive range of these products from various bands that you can choose as per your requirement and budget. Whether, it is live musical event or song recording, these products are very essential. To know about the products in detail, contact the customer support.

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