9 Reasons You should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

At some point everyone dreams of playing a musical instrument. However, few follow through and actually learn. Contrary to popular belief, you can start playing a musical instrument at any age. All you need the passion, drive and patience to learn. When you know how to work an instrument, it is an added skill. It has other advantages as well. So, here are the top reasons you should learn to play the guitar, piano, violin, etc.    

1. It Makes You Smarter

The coordination needed to play an instrument is really helpful in making you intelligent. Albert Einstein was a firm believer that music makes you smart and there are many studies backing this theory. So, if you want to become smarter or want to make your kids intelligent, make sure grab a musical interment.  

2. Improves Patience

Mastering a musical instrument takes time and you can learn a lot of patience through it. If you are impulsive and need to calm yourself, this activity can help. For example, playing the violin can help reduce stress and improve focus.  

3. Help You Remember Better

Since playing a musical instrument requires you to remember notes and coordination, it is not surprising that it helps improve your memory. You can become better at remembering words. It also improves your literacy skills and spatial reasoning.  

4. Makes You Disciplined

Parent often get their kids to learn a musical instrument because besides teaching patience, it helps increase discipline. Thus, if you really struggle with maintaining deadlines or commitments, learn to play.  

5. It Makes You Creative

Music is a creative outlet for many artists because you can play it to your heart’s content and the way you like. Whether you play tunes already on paper or create some, you can be as creative a you want. If you are in a creative field and struggling with a mental block, playing music can help resolve it. You will not the first person to use music to increase their creativity. Painters, writers, sculpture and other artists play some instrument or another.  

6. It Is Entertaining

Playing music is fun, exciting and pure joy if you can find a good instrument and an excellent teacher. People often give up playing a musical instrument because either the instrument is bad or they cannot find someone good to teach them. Thus, if you want an activity that help you entertain yourself and other, this is it.  

7. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Doctors often recommend people with anxiety disorders and chronic stress to get a musical instrument and learn to play it. While pop-culture music is good, according to experts, slow classical music can help reduce your stress significantly. Thus, if you struggle with a metal health problem, learning to play a musical instrument is crucial for maintaining your mental wellbeing.  

8. It Gives A Sense of Accomplishment

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is a good skill and when you start mastering it, you naturally feel a sense of accomplishment. People who struggle with self-esteem issues and insecurities often feel extremely relieved and proud when they can play a musical instrument. Thus, if you want to feel good about yourself and add to your skill set, start playing the guitar, violin, piano or anything else.  

9. Improves Your Social Life

Being part of a band is a great way to branch out and make new friends from a young age. It can also help you make a good social life as an adult. If you don’t know how to break the ice with people or need encouragement to be a part of a social circle, it can help if you know how to play a musical instrument.

The Bottom Line

Playing musical instrument has many benefits. It helps reduce stress, improves cognition, give you more control and much more. You must learn to play at least one instrument in your life for one or all the reasons mentioned above. Thus, get started now by selecting an instrument to play. To get started, explore Music Link’s website to choose a musical instrument.