Tips To Help Beginners Play The Guitar

If you are a music lover and love strumming along to the tunes of others, you must try and learn to play an instrument. There are many online music stores in Australia where you can purchase these instruments and start playing some good tunes. Out of all these instruments, one of the most popular ones is the guitar. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, you should read below for some good playing techniques and tricks for beginners.  
  1. Learn Each Chord At A Time

  When you start learning the guitar, you should not be in a hurry to master all the chords at once. It is better first to learn one chord and master it and then move on to other chords. If you try to learn too many chords at once, you may not understand how to play some of them in the proper manner. Take time, learn slowly, and then move on to other chords.  
  1. Challenge Yourself Constantly

  Once you master the easy chords, you must start learning the difficult ones to keep challenging yourself. This will help you learn a variety of chords that will produce distinct sounds when you play your guitar.  
  1. Don’t Look At Your Hands

  It is easy to keep looking down to know which chords you are playing, but as you keep learning, you must avoid doing this. Any guitar player will tell you that it would be best if you started looking up and away from your hands so that you could visualise your chords and know where to place your hands. This will help you remember your chords better and play better.  
  1. Stand Up When Playing

  It is also a good idea to stand up when you are playing to look at the audience and connect with them. This will also prevent you from looking down at your guitar and the chords and will help you concentrate better on the music.  
  1. Use A Basic Guitar

  Even though those electric and fancy guitars might look nice, it is better to start with an old, basic guitar rather than buy a new guitar. This will be easier for you to use, and you will learn all the chords and how to play them properly. You will also have more control over the guitar as these are easier to hold and will help you learn the basic posture when playing the guitar.  
  1. Play With Thin Strings

  It can get pretty tiring strumming the guitar for a long time as the strings are heavy. So when you first start, it is a good idea to use thinner strings as this will help you practise without hurting your fingers. As you get more comfortable, you can increase the thickness of the strings if you feel like it.  
  1. Play Some Covers

  Learn how to play good music covers so that you can master the strokes and chords and learn how to play well. You will also become familiar with how the elements of your song work and can try out new songs similar to it and can one day even play some live music in Australia.  
  1. Practice With Others

  You should always try and practice with others so that you can learn from each other and understand different chords and guitaring techniques. It also helps you understand how to play in a group and maybe work with people who play different instruments. You could then create your own music as a group and start strumming your own tunes.  
  1. Work On Your Hand Strength

  The main thing when learning guitar is how to keep strumming and not injure your hand. You can do this by strengthening your hands by doing some exercises. For instance, you can make a fist for 60 seconds, spread it, and keep doing this four times. This will increase the strength of your hand and help you to play the guitar in a better way.  


  You will be a professional guitar player in no time and will learn many new chords and techniques for strumming the guitar. The above tips and techniques will help you strum those tunes on your guitar quickly and help you play the tunes you want. You can also learn new music online at music stores across Australia and hone your guitar talent further.